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Our Story

Our Story

Rick’s Real Bar-B-Que Sauce started out using an old family recipe which I have been making for about twenty years. I added a few additional ingredients to make it my own and my family raved about my sauce. So with encouragement from my four kids, I entered my sauce in the Frisco Bar-B-Que Challenge in Frisco, Colorado in the summer of 1995. The night before the event, I made up a batch of the sauce, packed it up and headed up the mountain along with my trusty old Weber Kettle grill and some chicken I picked up at the local grocery store. I set up my card tables and Weber Kettle on Main Street across from the center of all the activities and started cooking. I couldn’t believe how many people showed up as well as all of the competition. There were big Bar-B-Que companies and restaurants from all over the area, including some from out of state. Some had huge smokers and cooking trailers. At the time, you could give out samples to folks stopping by and your sauce was to be judged by a group of dignitaries from Frisco. After several hours of cooking with my sauce I was approached by one of the officials and was informed that my sauce was one of many being considered for the final competition and they needed to be served a few more plates for judging. After an hour went by one of the officials came by my booth and told me that I had just won 1st place in the poultry division. I was presented a certificate, an apron and $350! I was so proud of my award winning recipe, but what would come next? I never stopped making my sauce for friends and family, and didn’t give up my dream to market my sauce and share it with the world. Although it’s been 19 years since my Bar-B-Que challenge win, I’ve decided to market Rick’s Real Bar-B-Que Sauce to share with you. Our sauces can be found at select local retailers in the Denver area and farmers markets throughout the season. I hope you and your family enjoy our varieties of Bar-B-Que Sauces.
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Explore Our Catalog

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145 W Main Street Cedaredge, CO 81413
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Tuesday thru Saturday 10:00 AM — 3:00 PM Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday